Feb 15

Skill set definitions

  • Beginner: New to WordPress. They know how to post content, and they know how to install plugins/themes through wp-admin.
  • Intermediate: They understand how to access phpmyadmin, upload files via FTP, understand the basic trouble shooting methods for troubleshooting a problem with a plugin or theme.
  • Advanced: The support person is comfortable editing PHP and/or JavaScript files. They have some working understanding of SQL. They know what the WordPress Database schema is.

WordPress Focused Training

  • Intro to WordPress (beginner) : A overview of the anatomy of WordPress. How to install themes and plugins. How to do basic trouble shooting.
  • WordPress Themes (beginner) : A overview of the theme community in WordPress. How to select the right theme, and when to create a custom (child) theme. Covers how to make your own theme.
  • WordPress Plugins (beginner) : A overview of the plugin community in WordPress. How to know what is the difference between plugins that will work well, and ones that don’t. Covers how to make your own plugin.
  • WordPress Community Overview (beginner) : A overview of the WordPress Community. How does the WP community contribute back to the open source project? How are decisions made? What are the different ways people ‘give back’ to WordPress?
  • Migrating a WordPress site (intermediate): How to move your WordPress site between different hosting providers. Knowing the limitations and different tools available.
  • Covering Common WordPress Errors (intermediate): Covering common WordPress errors, as well as common server side errors.
  • Optimizing a WordPress Site Without Looking at Code (intermediate): Without looking at code and queries, different options for fine tuning your WordPress site at the application level. Covers topics like page caching, and database optimization.
  • Debugging your WordPress Site (advanced) : How to debug WordPress for fine tuning your site performance by examining code and queries made by WordPress and the features attached to it.
  • Building your WordPress Enterprise Site (advanced) : Automattic hosts some of the largest and most complex WordPress sites on the WordPressVIP platform. While hosting is important, how you develop a large scale WordPress site requires a lot of care and special attention to the WordPress best practices. This will cover advanced developer topics on building a WordPress site built to scale.
  • WordPress Security Best Practices (advanced) : Covering best practices for protecting your WordPress site.

Jetpack Focused Training

  • What IS Jetpack (beginner): A beginner look on what the Jetpack plugin is, and what services it provides.
  • Jetpack Troubleshooting (intermediate) : How to troubleshoot issues related to Jetpack.

Vaultpress Focused Training

  • What IS VaultPress (beginner): A beginner look on the VaultPress plugin, and what services it provides.
  • VaultPress Troubleshooting (intermediate) : How to troubleshoot issues related to VaultPress.